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Job description

Participating in the data / satellite sector, your tasks will be among others : 

  • Develop and execute financial strategies
  • Oversee financial analysis and reporting
  • Collaborate on potential acquisitions, perform due diligence, and structure growth-focused deals
  • Drive post-acquisition financial integration for streamlined processes and optimized performance
  • Manage cash flow, working capital, and budgets
  • Oversee capital structure, fundraising, and financial positioning
  • Implement and maintain internal controls for compliance and asset protection
  • Provide leadership to the finance team
  • Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or related
  • Experience in finance leadership, ideally as CFO or finance director in a tech company
  • Understanding of industry dynamics, including subscription software, revenue models, product development, and user acquisition
  • Skills in financial modeling, analysis, valuation methods, and revenue metrics
  • Knowledges in financial reporting standards, regulatory compliance, and financial systems
  • Strong leadership and team management skills
Organisation and department description Our client is a data security company.Offer If you are interested in this ad and meet the requirements, please feel free to send us your resume.
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