Senior Investment Advisor – Luxembourgish speaking

Banque, services financiers, assurances

Description de fonction •    Gathering and assessing financial data.
•    Formulating investment recommendations for private clients, aligning with the investment strategy while considering individual circumstances and risk profiles.
•    Monitoring investments closely in collaboration with clients, responding proactively when needed, and handling alerts.
•    Engaging actively in market discussions with management and advisory teams.
•    Leading market discussions for sales teams, providing support during customer meetings, and presenting investment proposals to clients.
•    Managing diversified portfolio activities and overseeing key asset classes such as equities, bonds, and foreign exchange markets.Profil As an ideal candidate, you should possess : 
•    Master’s degree in Finance or Economics.
•    Fluent in French, English, German, and Luxembourgish; knowledge of another European language is a plus.
•    Knowledge of Banking Processes, Products & Services.
•    Familiarity with Microsoft Office, CRM, Core Banking, BI tools, Bloomberg, and Triple A.
•    Knowledge of key investment materials, including derivatives, and risk management.
•    Capability to build and maintain relationships with private customers.
•    Confidence, a passion for financial markets, and being able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
•    Basic understanding of taxation.Descriptif de l’organisation et du département Our client stands amongst the oldest multi-business banks in the Grand Duchy, actively contributing to the development of the Luxembourg economy. Operating across retail, private, and corporate banking, as well as major capital markets.Offre Embark on a fulfilling career with our client, where you can seize exceptional internal training and development opportunities. Apply now!
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