5 essential tips for a more professional LinkedIn profile

Published on: 5 December 2023

In the 21st century, where job search has largely migrated to the digital realm, having a professional and high-quality LinkedIn page is extremely important.

Get a Professional Portrait:

LinkedIn research has shown that a good profile picture significantly increases success on the platform. A professional photo suggests to recruiters that you take your career seriously. A good photo can convey a lot about your personality and professionalism.

Be Visible:

Despite LinkedIn's user-friendly nature, you still need to make some adjustments to ensure not only that you are easily found but also found by the right people.

Change your URL: LinkedIn automatically assigns a unique and random character string to your URL. To be more easily found, you can and should change your URL to your name.

Write a compelling headline: LinkedIn automatically sets your title based on your current position. If you're actively seeking a new role or want to change your career, make it known! Your headline is the first thing people see in LinkedIn searches.

Set appropriate "Career Goals": Inform the platform whether you are actively seeking a new position or staying where you are. Additionally, you can share your professional goals, such as the type of company and roles that interest you, with recruiters on LinkedIn.

Craft a Concise Summary:

The summary is the ideal place to tell your story to the world. Aim for about three to five paragraphs. Be concise and captivating. Say who you are and share your professional goals. Highlight key points in your profile, skills, and specialties.

Ensure Relevance in Work Experience:

On LinkedIn, don't just list your previous roles and responsibilities. Instead, ensure that everything is relevant to the types of positions you are currently targeting.

For example, if you're trying to land a project manager role, emphasize all your responsibilities and skills developed in that capacity. If something is not relevant, there's no need to include it.

Showcase Your Skills:

The skills section of your LinkedIn page is important not only because it highlights your strengths but also because it plays a crucial role in matching your profile with job listings. However, be honest about your actual skills; embellishing your profile may not go unnoticed for long!

There are many nuances to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, but in reality, as long as you consider the tips covered in this article and dedicate the time and care needed for their implementation, it will significantly ease your job search.

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