Practical information

How do I apply? What happens to my application next? Do you have any tips? And how does Select help students? You will find this and more practical information on this page.

Applying to Select Jobs

How does it work?

The Select consultants are happy to help you further in the direction of a new challenge. First and foremost by getting to know the person behind the CV; in this way we can link your expertise to the right company. Our consultants are experienced experts with knowledge of your specialist area. As real career coaches they accompany you through the whole application process.

Make yourself more attractive on the job market

Is the step (back) to the job market too big to take on your own? Select consultants are not just recruiters, they are full career coaches who also help you on your way. Have you been out of work for a long time due to a burn-out or illness? Or do you want a career switch but don’t dare to make the move? Our employability experts show you how to make yourself attractive on the job market so that finding a new job is easy.