Avoid these 7 common mistakes made by young jobseekers

Published on: 9 August 2019

A job interview is a delicate exercise, especially for young jobseekers. Some are too nervous, while others may come across as being too arrogant. Here are some mistakes to avoid during your next job interview.

1. Arriving too late or much too early

It is common courtesy to arrive on time for your job interview. If you don’t, you can forget about being accepted for the role. So whatever you do, leave on time!

Beware, however, not to arrive too early either. If you arrive an hour early, find a park or coffee bar and try to relax. Make sure to arrive at the front office 10 minutes before the interview. This shows you are punctual and serious about getting the job.

2. Avoid being arrogant

As a young job seeker, it is not unusual that you do not yet have much experience to impress recruiters with. Show that you are eager to learn and that you want to work with experienced people. Don’t be arrogant by telling the recruiter that you already have loads of experience, when actually you don’t.

3. Not having a LinkedIn profile

Even if you are against social media, having a LinkedIn profile has become an essential part of any successful job search. Many recruiters will not only read your CV but will also look for your LinkedIn page and how you present yourself on it. Therefore, you must get your CV looking shipshape.

4. Not being prepared

This is a mistake made by many young people going to their first job interview. For potential employers, the job interview is the time to make sure that you meet the requirements of the job description. So be well prepared. Learn about the company, visit its website and, if necessary, get ready for the various recruitment tests.

5. Having inappropriate photos

Some recruiters may take a look at your Facebook profile. Be careful not to post photos that could be detrimental to your job application. If you do not want to delete them, check your privacy settings and be careful not to share these photos with everyone.

6. Not bringing your CV

Many young job seekers arrive at their job interview empty-handed. This is an easy mistake to avoid. Even if you have already sent your CV to the recruiter, be sure to bring several copies of your resume.

7. Embellishing your CV

Many young candidates lie on their resume or tune it a bit too freely to get a job. Avoid this mistake at all costs. Many employers do take the time to check the information you include in your resume by calling schools, universities or former employers. Even a simple Google search can unmask you. Remember: truth will prevail.

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