Collaboration with DHL: "No excessive amount of CVs"

Published on: 22 November 2023
Select HR has established a fruitful partnership with DHL in Belgium, where the focus is on quality over quantity. Stephanie Stevens, HR Business Partner at DHL Supply Chain, shares her positive experience working with Select HR in this testimonial:

"For over a year now, I've been collaborating with Select HR in Belgium for the recruitment of our office profiles at DHL Supply Chain. This includes positions such as team leaders in operations, supervisors, service profiles, and occasionally an HR officer. Our locations in Mechelen, Boortmeerbeek, Bornem, and Brussels require us to engage multiple partners in the recruitment process, and Select HR is one of our preferred suppliers.

Maintaining excellent communication, the consultants at Select HR provide us with weekly updates on ongoing searches. One of the key strengths that I appreciate is their honesty. If, for any reason, they are unable to find a suitable profile for a given position, they communicate this transparently, allowing us to make informed decisions. There is a deliberate effort to avoid an excess of CVs; instead, they focus on finding the right match for our requirements.

Select HR goes beyond just matching technical competencies; they also ensure compatibility with the unique culture of each department at DHL. Recognizing that different departments have distinct cultures, the consultants at Select HR closely align their search efforts with an understanding of these cultural nuances. This ensures that the profiles they present not only meet the technical requirements but also align with the character and values we seek.

In a complex site like Mechelen, where specific cultural dynamics are at play, Select HR takes these complexities into account during their candidate search. This results in the presentation of candidates who not only have the necessary technical competencies but also fit seamlessly with the culture of the organization. Importantly, Select HR avoids presenting candidates who may have been deemed unsuitable in the past, providing a refined and targeted selection.

I would recommend Select HR because of what I have mentioned: clear communication, the quality of selection, and transparency towards us. No proliferation of CVs but the right profiles that match in competencies and character."