Directly Applying to an Employer or Going via a Recruiter? What's the Difference

Published on: 18 October 2023

When you're looking for a job, there are several ways to go about it: you can start on your own and scroll through job boards, you can directly contact your dream employer, or you can enlist the help of a recruiter. But what's the best method?

There are different ways to search for a job. Sometimes, it's better to approach an employer directly, and other times, it's best to go at it with a recruiter. Let's outline the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Direct Application

Have you spotted a job opening at a company you're interested in and want to apply for it? Go for it! You might want to inquire beforehand if the position is still open and put your best foot forward. However, don't be surprised if you haven't received a response after a few weeks. When you apply directly, it can sometimes take longer. Companies may not always have a dedicated hiring team.

If there's no job vacancy, it becomes challenging. In this case, it's best to know a contact person within the company to prevent your application from being archived without review. Here, too, you'll have to wait longer for a response. Moreover, some large companies have a fixed recruitment partner and won't review your application themselves. You can always inquire about this.

Sending your CV to dozens of companies without a specific target is not appreciated, neither by employers nor recruiters. If you seek help from a recruiter after such a mass application, they might be less inclined to assist because your CV is already known to many employers.

Do you want to apply directly?

  • Be focused in your approach.
  • Apply for an open job vacancy.
  • Ensure you already know a contact person.
  • Drawbacks? Longer waiting times, and some companies may not accept direct applications due to working with a fixed recruitment partner.

Applying through a Recruiter

Do you want to have an edge in your job application? Then consider seeking advice from a recruiter. These are professionals in the field of job applications. They know how to approach their clients, make your CV appealing, and know when to push when there's silence.

Recruiters often have numerous job openings "under the radar" in their portfolio, allowing you to access the "hidden job market." Have you seen a job opening at a top company? Even in that case, you can apply through a recruiter. Build a relationship with your recruiter and present the job vacancy.

Of course, not all recruiters are the same. Where do we make a difference? At Select, we focus on the individual. Our colleagues first talk to you about your skills, personality, and what you're looking for. This way, they can find a perfect match for you, not only based on job content but also on a personal level.

Why apply through a recruiter?

  • Access to many hidden job vacancies.
  • Recruiters enhance your CV to make it stand out to employers.
  • You receive personalized tips for your job interview.
  • You have to wait less for a response.
  • Recruiters present job vacancies that match your profile, so you don't have to search endlessly.

Are you currently looking for a job? Take a look at our job openings. Haven't found what you're looking for? Get in touch.