Five reasons why a team-building adds value

Published on: 4 September 2023

Team-building is always a good idea. But why? In this article, we explain why team-building is worth doing, and what it brings in addition to the fun of being together!

Almost every company organises a team-building event: go-karting, a treasure hunt or a bike ride are just a few examples of great activities. Staff look forward to a day of fun, but in the end it's more than just fun - there are other benefits involved.

Here's why organising a team-building event is a good idea:

Reason 1: Give your staff recognition

A team activity is a simple way for employers to show their appreciation of the work done by their staff throughout the year and to reinforce their motivation to continue in this vein.

Reason 2: Improving well-being

Team-building is also an opportunity to activate another important lever for today's workers: well-being. The atmosphere between colleagues is one of the important ingredients of this well-being at work; in fact, most of the candidates I meet mention this element first when I ask them to describe their ideal company.

For employees, team-building is a great opportunity to get to know their colleagues in a different light, to strengthen ties and the feeling of belonging, and to create memories that will help them get through difficult times more easily.

Reason 3: Retention

Thanks to the various motivational levers activated (sense of belonging, well-being, cohesion, recognition, etc.), this type of activity is a very good way of working on retention, which is a key issue for companies today. An employee who feels good in his team, good with his manager, good with the company's values, is an employee who will stay longer.

Reason 4: Demonstrate hidden talents

Team-buildings are also the ideal opportunity for some employees to demonstrate skills that they may not have the opportunity to express on a day-to-day basis: leadership, solution-orientation, creativity, etc. The attentive manager can then take advantage of the opportunity to develop these softskills that are so valuable on a day-to-day basis.

Reason 5: Reconnecting after Covid

In this post-Covid era, where teleworking is firmly rooted in working habits and provides a degree of flexibility that employees hold dear, we must not overlook the importance of creating links and nurturing relationships between people. This is where a team-building event can strengthen the connection between colleagues despite flexible working and working from home.