From Chef to Painter: Stop searching for the white raven; create one yourself.

Published on: 31 October 2023

At Select Group, we believe that everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves. We facilitate growth, and sometimes, it happens in unconventional ways. Recently, Top Jumps in Flanders recruited a chef to work as a painter, thanks to Yana from Select HR in Flanders, who saw the potential match with the company. Today, Koen seamlessly fits into the workshop-team.

In this competitive job market, embracing unconventional candidates is the winning strategy. Waiting for the elusive "perfect" candidate only delays progress compared to your competitors. At Select HR, we look beyond the standard expectations. When a client recognizes the value of an initially unconventional candidate, and the match is right, it results in a win-win for both the employer and the employee. This was the case at Top Jumps in Kampenhout.

Who is Top Jumps?

Top Jumps, located in Kampenhout, manufactures obstacles for equestrian sports. The production is handled by four workers in the workshop, making them part of a relatively small team. Despite their size, this Belgian company exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide, from the Dominican Republic to Thailand. In the past year, Top Jumps was searching for a new carpenter/painter, and they found one through Select HR. CEO Liesbeth Moens explains how they found a new employee with the help of Select HR.

How did you come across Select HR?

"When we are looking for new employees, we often reach out to neighboring companies at the industrial park, such as De Sutter Naturally. We share some of the same clients and have exchanged tips on finding good staff. They had already collaborated with Select HR, so I contacted Yana when we were in need of a new painter."

How was the collaboration with Select HR?

"Very good. After an initial phone call with Yana (Boulanger) from the Leuven office, I invited her for a tour. This provides an immediate impression of our company. I believe it's essential for an HR partner to take the time to understand who we are and what kind of employee we are looking for. Yana did this very well. She took enough time to get to know the company and understand our needs."

What sets Select HR apart from other HR agencies?

"We have worked with other agencies in the past, and sometimes, they didn't listen well. That's unfortunate. They would send profiles that I took the time to review but didn't match what we were looking for. That was not the case with Select HR. I have never received a candidate from you where I thought, 'Why are they sending this?' Additionally, it was very nice to always speak with the same person. It's more efficient than having to inform a new person each time."

What kind of candidate were you looking for?

"We were looking for a painter for our workshop. Such craftsmen are already challenging to find, especially those with experience. Often, these individuals prefer jobs that involve working in different locations. They are accustomed to being on the road and miss that in a workshop setting. It was a difficult task, so we sought the assistance of Select HR."

Did Yana from Select HR manage to find a suitable candidate?

"Yana introduced us to Koen. To be honest, Yana had to convince me to invite him in the first place. If I had only seen his CV, I might not have considered Koen. He wanted to exchange his job as a chef for something new but had no experience as a painter. However, when he came for the interview, it became clear why the match could work. He was willing to learn and open to new experiences, which were the right qualities."

So, you hired Koen, who used to be a chef?

"Yes, the interview revealed that the match was perfect. We had to invest some extra time in training during the first few weeks, and, of course, it doesn't progress as quickly as it would with an experienced painter. But it will come. I understand that he made the switch from being a chef. By the way, we still have a chef working here!"

How is Koen doing today? Was he the right choice?

"Koen is fully integrated now. Not everyone would be open to hiring someone without industry experience. However, you can't keep looking for that mythical candidate who has experience in carpentry, painting, the right knowledge, and the perfect motivation. Everyone is searching for that person. It's better to take a step back and build that person yourself. The work ethic and approach to tasks were there, which we saw right away. The rest followed naturally, and Koen is performing well today. We are very happy that we accepted Yana's proposal and worked with Select HR."

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