How to Clean Up Your Social Media When Applying for a Job

Published on: 16 October 2023

While it's not allowed to scrutinize job seekers' social media, it does happen from time to time, and an inappropriate photo can ruin your image in less than two seconds. In just a few steps, you can ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles are up to date as you start your job search.

When you're applying for a job, you put a lot of effort into your resume. That piece of paper with an overview of your experiences and qualifications is just one version. In this digital age, you're also building your resume through social media. Are you about to apply for a job or currently job hunting? Clean up your online social media profiles to ensure you don't miss an opportunity for a job interview.

1. Google Yourself:

Start where your future employer would begin: Google. This way, you'll get an overview of the web pages where you might be found publicly. If you still have an old blog, update it or take it offline.

2. Make Your Social Media Private:

If you want to prevent curious employers from accessing your Facebook profile, go to your settings and set your profile to private. You can do the same with Twitter and Instagram. Remember to only accept friend requests from people you personally know.

3. Hide or Remove Inappropriate Posts:

If you don't want your profiles to be public, review your old posts. On Instagram, you can archive your photos, while on Facebook, you can hide updates or set them to "only me" so that only you can see them.

4. Deactivate Old Accounts:

Have you shared a YouTube video during your school days or had a fan blog for your favorite boy band? Do a Google search and see if they appear, and then delete old accounts.

5. Choose a Good Profile Picture:

A first impression only happens once, even online. Make sure to have a professional photo on your LinkedIn page and an appropriate one on your other social media channels. Using the default Facebook photo gives an impression of laziness. Choosing a picture of your cat or a blurry image gives an impression of disorder. So, pick an appropriate photo of yourself for all your channels.

6. Write a Professional Bio:

Compose a brief summary of who you are and the type of job you're seeking. You've probably already added this to LinkedIn, but make sure to update it on Instagram and Twitter as well.

7. Customize Your URL:

A personalized URL appears more professional and can be changed easily. You can modify it in your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram settings.

8. Avoid Complaining on Social Media, Share Interesting Content:

Make sure not to complain on social media, especially about your previous employer. It doesn't present a good image. Instead, share news, articles, and quotes related to your industry. Follow inspiring people in your field.