Internal mobility: The white raven is sometimes closer than you think!

Published on: 4 September 2023

It's a bit of a double whammy; we're still facing a tight labour market but, on top of that, we've already got a new reality on our hands: on the one hand, we're still struggling with the after-effects of the COVID pandemic and, on the other, we're facing an exceptional energy crisis with no end in sight...

With current inflation and sharp rises in operating costs, companies are increasingly forced to take action and organise themselves differently. The same applies to the workforce.

In times of crisis, companies look to cut costs in a variety of ways. They close sites, centralise tasks more, in short, they make numerous changes to work more profitably within a new structure. But what about the workforce? Can everyone (still) stay on board (in the same role)? Preferably! But this is often a thorny issue, both operationally and emotionally.

Internal mobility can be a sustainable and cost-effective solution, especially given that the job market remains tight. So when the choice is made to restructure, it doesn't necessarily mean (just) redundancy.

Inplacement: redeployment of talent

When we think of restructuring, we usually think of lay-offs and contractual redundancies. But that's not necessarily the case. Particularly at a time when talent is scarce, as an employer you don't want to make unnecessary redundancies. In the short term, that may be a comfort, but what about tomorrow? Just think of the impact today of redundancies in the aviation and construction sectors during the covid period.

That's why it's important to work on internal mobility: you keep your employees and don't have to look for new talent to fill vacancies. Indeed, those working on restructuring sometimes come up against gaps in their new plan. New roles are created, but who will fill them? Does a new coordinator need to be recruited? It's possible that this missing factor is now in your office.

The benefits of internal mobility

Do you want to make inplacement a reality when major changes are taking place? Then think about implementing internal mobility now. Why should you? There are three reasons:

Save time and money

These days, the search for a new employee is taking longer and longer. The tight labour market means you have to invest a lot of time and money if you want to get an interview with a good candidate. By recruiting internally, you save a lot of time. After all, you already know what your employees can do and you know their personalities.

Stimulate commitment

By seeking to increase mobility, you show your employees that you want to invest in them. You listen to their plans for the future and can respond to them. You allow them to develop and discover different aspects of your company. Their involvement and commitment are strengthened.

Greater resistance to failure

By focusing on internal mobility, you develop your company's human capital. When the next crisis strikes or your workforce changes, you'll have greater flexibility and a wider range of skills at your disposal.

How do you go about it?

Sharing a vacancy with your employees via the internal networks is a good start. But you need to go further. Listen to your employees, encourage moments where they can share their ambitions and foster a corporate culture where the development of talent is paramount. How do you go about it? Contact our experts for more information.

What if internal mobility isn't an option? From inplacement to outplacement

Not all situations offer opportunities for internal mobility. Nor are all employees necessarily willing or able to adapt to a new function or role. In such cases, outplacement can be a solution. In this way, you can say goodbye to your employee in a pleasant way and help them move towards a new professional future.

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If you're a bit lost with all the HR projects: internal mobility, outplacement, retention...? Don't panic. The Select Beople team, within the Select Group, is experienced in restructuration plans. They will work with you to find an appropriate solution tailored to your situation. Contact us on our website for more information.