Six tips for surviving the new school year as a working parent

Published on: 1 September 2023

The new school year will soon be upon us. This not only means a fresh start for children, but often for working parents too. Here are 6 tips for getting the new school year off to a good start.

Move enough

A healthy mind in a healthy body, so the saying goes. Even with a busy schedule, you can still find time to get enough exercise. Join a sports club or exercise on your own. Solo sports such as cycling, walking or fitness are becoming increasingly popular. 

Healthy eating

Working parents go from meeting to meeting, from school to home, and so on. This leaves little time for thorough cooking. But it doesn't always have to be this way. Healthy dishes don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Just follow a few basic rules to keep preparing nutritious food.

  • Eat enough vegetables, fruit, wholegrain cereals, pulses and, in smaller quantities, nuts and vegetable oil.
  • Supplement moderately with animal products such as fish, yoghurt, milk, cheese, poultry and eggs.
  • Don't eat a lot of red meat and butter
  • Avoid ultra-processed foods rich in added fat, sugar and salt
  • Vary and look for alternatives
  • Eat at fixed times and with other people
  • Eat consciously (not in front of the television and/or with your smartphone) and in moderation.
  • Adapt your environment, with the healthy choice at hand. Make the unhealthy choice more difficult
  • Work step by step, don't throw away your diet straight away.
  • Enjoy what you eat

Get together with your friends

In addition to your busy schedule, try to find time for your friends and family. American researchers interviewing nearly 280,000 people recently reported that friendships have a crucial impact on our health and happiness.

For example, make sure that the first Friday evening of every month is free to eat together or go to the cinema together. Or why don't you go and do some sport together?

Flexible working hours to get you to school on time

Normal working hours are 8 hours a day and 38 hours a week. Some companies opt for a 40-hour week, but then compensate with extra holiday. But working parents who want to be at the school gate on time can also work flexible hours. Please note that you should first check with your employer to find out whether other working hours are possible. It is your employer who determines the pace of work in the company.

Making sleep a priority

Parents are increasingly combining their careers with family life. This can lead - sometimes unconsciously - to sleep deprivation. However, a Swedish study of 38,000 people shows that those who sleep five hours or less a night have an increased risk of premature death and health problems. So get to bed on time!

Take a course

As a parent, you're often busy with work, your children, car pooling, cooking, paying bills, cleaning, etc. But don't forget to take the time to learn something new. But don't forget to take the time to get involved from time to time. Think of the new school year as a fresh start, not only for your children, but also for yourself.

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