Telework Success: Your Guide for Cross-Border Commuters in Luxembourg

Published on: 19 April 2024

Are you one of the many professionals navigating the cross-border hustle in Luxembourg? With 226,000 cross-border workers, it's clear that commuting is a way of life for a significant portion of the Luxembourgish workforce. But what about telework? How can you make it work for you while straddling borders?

Teleworking from Luxembourg to your neighboring country requires a bit of finesse, especially when it comes to tax and social security implications. Here's what you need to know in 2024:

Get the Green Light: Teleworking isn't a given right; it's something you and your employer need to agree upon. Without a mutual understanding, you won't be setting up shop at home. Most companies have teleworking policies in place, detailing the nitty-gritty of remote work arrangements. From equipment to tasks, it's all laid out there. Just make sure you're mindful of security concerns, especially if you're dealing with sensitive data.

Taxes: For cross-border workers, taxes can get a bit complicated. There's a magic number: 34 days. That's how many days you can telework from Luxembourg while still paying taxes there. Go beyond that, and you'll be paying up in your country of residence.

Social Security: Social security benefits are on the line too. You can telework for up to 49.9% of your annual working time without shaking up your social security status. That's roughly two days a week for full-timers. Exceed that, and you might find yourself shifting gears into your home country's social security system.

Teleworking might come with its fair share of considerations, but don't let that dampen your enthusiasm. There's a reason why it's gaining traction—it's all about that sweet spot between work and life.

As an employer, providing telework to your employees provides a big advantage. When searching candidates for open vacancies, it’s important to mention telework during the recruitment process. Are you not sure how to put this asset in the spotlight as an employer? Contact our experts for tailormade advice on