Tina (DHL): "Presenting beautiful profiles with few words"

Published on: 18 October 2023

The collaboration between DHL and Select HR has been going very well for over five years. DHL trusts Select HR for recruiting employees across Belgium. That's why DHL is considered a key account customer. All Select HR offices work together to serve this client. Tina De Wachter, HR Business Partner at DHL Freight, shares why she is so satisfied with this partnership.

Can you briefly describe what you do at DHL?

"I have been working at DHL Freight for 5 years as an HR Business Partner. On the one hand, I provide advice to our employees and managers. They can come to me with various questions about procedures and processes. I also handle Learning & Development. On the other hand, I am currently involved in a part of the recruitment process, together with my colleague Marjan. I recruit profiles for the terminals in Schelle/Mechelen, Gerlach, and all support services."

How is the collaboration with Select HR going?

"The collaboration is going very smoothly. We can always reach out to Select HR through the general email address, and our questions are promptly addressed. I also know Select HR from the other side because I started at DHL through Select HR."

What profiles do you rely on Select HR for?

"These are very diverse profiles. We are looking for account managers, transport planners, customs declarants, but also profiles within billing departments and, for example, sales support staff. A wide range of profiles."

How does Select HR differ from other partners DHL works with?

"In my opinion, you stand out primarily in terms of speed and friendliness. Everything is done quickly, but you also remain friendly and quickly build an informal bond. This happens so smoothly because you are honest. You won't quickly say, 'yes, we think this will work,' but you will give an honest answer and look for solutions with us.
Additionally, you understand very well what we are looking for in terms of personality. Since we also offer training, personality is often the most important thing, and technical skills can always be learned later. This personality match is present in every candidate selected by Select HR."

In your opinion, what is Select HR best at?

"Collaborating with the client, being open to suggestions, and having a personal relationship with us as a client."

We understand! Suppose a new colleague is not yet familiar with Select HR and asks why you appreciate Select HR so much. What would you say?

"I would explain what my experience has been with Select HR. For example, I have worked with Kevin from the Select HR office in Belgium. It works very well for the search for laborers in the Eastern region of Belgium. With just a few words, Kevin can present beautiful profiles.

Also, for other profiles or regions, we almost always have the same contact person, which makes it easier to build a relationship. I like that, being able to laugh, talk about our children. I also believe that with this closer relationship, Select HR can better match potential candidates."

Thank you for your time, Tina!