Why Older Candidates Are Interesting As well

Published on: 18 October 2023

One of the taboos within the world of recruiting is undoubtedly the (non)hiring of older candidates. Experienced candidates who, for external reasons or by choice, are seeking a new job in the latter stages of their careers are often rejected by potential employers.

Our consultants have observed that employers are less open to this, which is unfortunate because these candidates bring a wealth of experience with them. We asked our consultants some questions about this.

Why do companies back off?

"They often think that these profiles will no longer be beneficial to their company. However, these individuals are still very motivated and driven. As an employer, you can trust in that. With a younger employee, there's also no guarantee that they'll stay in the long term. There's a chance that a younger employee might leave after a few years for a more interesting opportunity."

What about the argument that older employees are more frequently sick?

"Research shows that absenteeism is not higher among older employees. Of course, it depends on the type of job. If you have a physically demanding job, you might experience joint or back problems after 30 years. That's a different story."

Often, employers think that older candidates will cost them more. Is that true?

"You can't expect an employee with 30 years of experience to start at a salary of 2,500 euros, but these candidates are willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for an engaging job. Usually, they're at a stage in their lives where finances are less critical. Their house is paid off, their children have finished studying and left the house. So, finances should not be a significant argument."

Are there other things that older employees value more?

"Nowadays, flexible compensation packages exist. Benefits like a pension plan or additional vacation days are important to older candidates. While the gross salary itself is negotiable. They are mainly looking for a job where they can put in 100% of their effort, where they can utilize their experience and passion. The sector matters less. They are willing to apply their experience in new fields."

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