Cooperation between Belfius and Select HR: 'Close Contact and Active Listening'

Published on: 21 August 2023

Within Select HR Belgium, the Key Account Management department is a national entity that thoroughly understands and represents the culture and identity of its clients to its professional network. Belfius is one of these key account clients in Belgium. We asked Ann Declercq, the Managing Director of Belfius Vilvoorde-Tervuren, about her thoughts on the collaboration with Select HR in Belgium.

Could you briefly introduce yourself and your role at Belfius?

"My name is Ann Declercq, and I am the Managing Director of Belfius Vilvoorde-Tervuren. One of our main focuses is continuously strengthening our team. For that purpose, we collaborate with various partners, including Select HR."

How is the collaboration with Select HR going?

"We have been working with Select HR for over two years now, and the collaboration is going well. This is mainly due to effective communication and close contact. They also listen carefully to our feedback. For instance, I recently received profiles too quickly and in excessive numbers. I conveyed this feedback, and it was taken into account, leading to more targeted efforts."

What types of roles do you engage Select HR for?

"We rely on Select HR for specialized roles such as insurance specialists. However, we've also sought profiles for supportive positions in the private banking segment and our business segment."

What sets Select HR apart from other partners Belfius collaborates with?

"The difference lies in their attentive listening to the job description and our needs. The close communication and effective follow-up stand out. And all of this with the same point of contact, which is also crucial."

You recently engaged Select HR for a development center. What was your experience?

"That's correct. We enlisted the help of Select HR for a specific assessment related to strengthening our partner team. Select HR conducted the analysis, and I had insight into the results. The analysis was comprehensive and insightful. It covered the right aspects, and the outcomes were very recognizable to us. It truly felt like an added value. The strengths and areas for improvement were clear and understandable in the report. We can definitely work with that in the day-to-day reality."

After collaborating on selection and recruitment, you also chose Select HR as a partner for the development center. Why?

"I must admit that I didn't personally choose Select HR for the development center. The decision was made by Belfius bank, and they recommended selecting Select HR, which we followed. But we certainly have no regrets!"

I assume this turned out to be advantageous?

"Absolutely, it is an advantage. The stronger the partnership, the more awareness there is of the overall context we're working within. Select HR is more familiar with our working philosophy. When we provide a profile description for recruitment, candidates must also align with our culture and philosophy. So, when collaborating on a development center, there's already an understanding of that culture and philosophy. Additionally, it helps in getting to know our services even better and understanding each other more deeply."

Thank you for your kind words, Ann!

Besides Belfius, Select HR has other clients in the banking industries who recruit nationwide. As for our Luxemburg market: did you know financial profiles are one of our specialist markets in Luxemburg?

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