Tips for a compelling job vacancy text

Published on: 9 October 2023

"In this challenging position, you will have a comprehensive set of tasks. We reward you with an attractive salary!” Would you apply for this, yourself? Craft a compelling job vacancy text to make sure you don't miss out on any talent!

Attracting top talent and persuading them to apply to your company starts with a good job vacancy text. Despite the various methods available today to attract talent through extensive advertising campaigns, a good job vacancy text remains the foundation. But how do you ensure that your job vacancy text is appealing enough?

A job vacancy text remains important

In today's job market, candidates hold the power. Recruiters approach them, asking if they'd like to work for company x, y, or z. So, you might think a job vacancy has become unnecessary. However, such a text is highly valuable for job seekers. It contains all the necessary information. Moreover, with a well-written job vacancy text, you can work efficiently: put in the effort once to create a good text and then publish it online through various channels.

But there isn't always enough time to write a good text. Job vacancies are often copied and slightly adjusted depending on the position. It becomes a cut-and-paste job. However, this text will be your company's business card.

Ten tips for a good job vacancy text:

1. Choose a recognizable job title

Try not to be funny but stay to the point. Nobody searches for a 'happiness manager.' What they will search for are recognizable job titles like “customer support” or “customer service”.

2. Use an introduction

Don't start your job vacancy text with a list of requirements. Write a friendly introduction where you briefly explain who you are looking for and, especially, what kind of company you are. Where will this candidate end up? And how can this potential new employee contribute to your company's growth?

3. Keep it concrete

After the introduction, you can move on to the job description. Make it as specific as possible! After reading this piece of text, the applicant should know what to expect. 'General coordination,' 'project guidance,' or 'administrative support' do not help create a clear picture of the role. Clarify whenever possible: which projects? What kind of support?

4. Don't demand too much

The longer your list of requirements, the greater the chance that a candidate will drop out. Limit it to a maximum of five requirements and don't forget that you can teach some skills. Would you prefer a team player who needs a short course or someone with experience with your systems but can't work together with others? Put the essential skills in the profile description.

5. Keep it short

Answering emails, handling bank transactions, even taking out insurance can all be done from a smartphone. We spend the whole day on our mobile devices and increasingly view job vacancies on small screens. Therefore, keep your job vacancy as short as possible. Stick to the essentials.

6. Introduce yourself

Don't forget to introduce yourself: how big is the company? Where is it located? How long has your company been established? Why are you looking for a new employee? You will get these kinds of questions from applicants anyway. Provide the information in your job vacancy text.

Also, consider tip 10: introduce yourself with photos and videos!

7. Make the offer broad and clear

Every employer offers an 'attractive salary.' Want to stand out from the rest? State the salary. Make the section about the offer extra detailed. Include everything that can be seen as a benefit: health insurance, pension plan, vacation days, travel reimbursement, employee discounts, overtime, laptop, mobile phone, company car. But also team outings, a fresh lunch, a great team, a fitness room, or a Netflix subscription. Are there training opportunities for the employee? Opportunities for growth?

8. How can they apply?

Don't forget to indicate at the bottom of your job vacancy how a candidate should apply. Is there a form on your website, or should they send their motivation by email? Remember that you need to make it as easy as possible, given the tight job market. Is the job vacancy on your own website? Ensure it is easily accessible, even on mobile, with a simple application form. Is a CV really required, or can you ask for it later?

9. Provide a deadline

Many candidates browsing job vacancies today are still employed. This means they don't always have a deadline. They look at 10 job vacancies, of which one or two may be interesting, and they can revisit later. They go on with their day and forget about the job vacancy. By adding a final application date, you give your applicant an extra push to take action. It also makes it easier for you.

10. Don't limit yourself to a job vacancy text

A job vacancy text is the foundation, but that's not all! If your job vacancy is on your website, add nice photos or a company video. This way, you can immediately show who you are. Are there colleagues who would like to share how happy they are to work at your company? Ask them to write a short testimonial. Also, consider your social media channels. An interested applicant wants to learn more about your company through various channels.

If you have followed all these tips but still can't find the candidate you're looking for, get the help of Select HR Luxemburg! Our professionals write job vacancy texts day in and day out and know how to persuade the right candidates to apply. Curious about how we can help you? Contact one of our offices through the contact page.